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Experimental and theoretical investigation of phenomena at the interface of biological and synthetic systems at the micro and nanoscale.


The Micro/NanoScale Biotic/Abiotic Systems (MicroN BASE) Engineering Laboratory was founded in 2009 by Professor Behkam in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Current research activities can be divided into two broad categories: (1) Developing bio-hybrid engineered systems in which biological components are utilized for actuation, sensing, communication, and control (e.g. bacteria-enabled autonomous drug delivery systems for cancer therapy) (2) Studying the mechanism of adhesion, motility and sensing in mammalian cells and unicellular microorganisms (e.g. effect of surface nanotopography on fungal biofilm formation). We utilize 2D and 3D microfluidic platforms to establish well-defined and repeatable test environments for most of our projects.

Research areas

PhD and postdoc positions are available immediately.

News and events

November 2:
Postdoctoral position open at the Behkam Lab for an exciting new project in microbial mechanobiology and mitigation of biofilm-associated medical device infection. Application information here.

April 30:
Our manuscript on developing bacteria-based systems for cancer therapy is among the top 10% most downloaded papers published in Advanced Science! Congratulations to all the authors!

March 5:
Dr. Behkam joins the international advisory board of the new Wiley Journal Small Structures!